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USA Today Quotes a DPRK Parody Twitter Account


With all of the talk of fake news, you’d think that media companies would be hyper vigilant in vetting every single little thing they say so as to not provide an opportunity to be attacked by Trumpkins and others.

But no.

Trump taps Rick Perry for Energy secretary

Donald Trump confirmed Wednesday that he will nominate former Republican primary rival Rick Perry to lead the department of Energy, an agency that the former Texas governor once wanted to abolish.

“As the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry created created a business climate that produced millions of new jobs and lower energy prices in his state, and he will bring that same approach to our entire country as Secretary of Energy,” Trump said in a statement announcing the selection.



So far so good…

USA Today Article on Rick Perry – The Problem

That quote not only sounded familiar to me but is also an absurd thing for any DPRK news source to say. The DPRK media simply does not speak like that.
A mystery is afoot…

The Tweet USA Today Quoted

Anddddd…. woops…

The account USA Today quoted is actually a parody account.

The Person Who Actually Runs the DPRK News Account

A parody account that is in fact run by Patrick “Nonwhite”.


And some journalists wonder why people are so mad at the media. Yeah, it’s a simple mistake. But when reporters are making simple mistakes like that and talking down to you, you tend to lose any sympathy you may have had.

Trust and respect are earned. We should all probably work harder on that.

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