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Free Marketing for Artists – The Lobsta Prawn Example


I once read an economics article that claimed that even negative press ended up being good for people / companies because the coverage ends up acting like an incredible amount of free advertising… whatever the negative press was ended up being forgotten in short order and new customers came in.

Today, I now believe that claim.

The Story

So it seems a person started swearing at police officers and caused a bit of a ruckus during a protest about some conservative fellow named Gavin McInnes in New York City… who gives a crap? Not me.

Until… well… read on below…

Goyette, who lists her position as a lecturer and museum educator for the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, hosts some of her artistic creations on her website. Her art consists almost entirely of weird feminist lobster-themed video pornography with titles like Masshole Love, Lobstapus/Lobstapussy, and Touch My Hull. The links are not safe for work.

In the videos and still photos, Goyette dresses up in a variety of low-rent lobster costumes and has simulated sex with various men wearing prosthetic penises.

The artist also produced an “empowering feminist porno” called Ghost Bitch: Arise from the Gallows to honor her ancestor who died during the Salem Witch Trials.

So what’s the point of all this? In her own words:

Many know her as Lobsta Girl, and Goyette has filmed her interspecies pornos detailing the sex lives of lobsters internationally. Originally, Goyette adopted the sexually aggressive female lobster as a primary character she performed live to promote female agency.


If you know anything about me… you know I’m going to go see her lobster sex videos.

*goes and watches simulated lobster sex*


Okay well I am now scarred for life.

Just kidding!

You can view more of her work here:


Yeah I don’t see their work as particularly effective… in any way…

From personal experience, I can tell you strippers on Instagram are more effective at promoting feminism, empowerment, and the destigmatization of female sexuality than “lobsta porn”. I mean they get after it in such a non offensive way that people feel welcomed instead of attacked… which is pretty important when you’re trying to convince people to change their behavior.

Fake, furry-esque, lobster sex though…

Quite frankly I think everybody in the videos were having a lot of fun… if not making the grand statement they thought they were making… so that’s nice!

Goyette is as shameless about her characters’ voracious sexual appetite as she is about connecting the female subject to nature and an animalistic lost Eden of sorts. Her videos function as titillating vignettes of a bawdry heroine in hot pursuit of total Love. Uncovering the truth of the mercurial nature of desire as she seeks blissful and eternal union with the “Other,” Goyette peppers her colorful imaginary worlds with complicated personal memories and whenever possible, willing participants in the flesh…

And sweet Jesus, her bio is beyond exhausting to read.

I’m sorry but come on.

animalistic lost Eden of sorts

Are you serious right now?


But to the point… the marketing…

And now that articles about her have run on some popular websites I’m absolutely certain her work is being viewed more now than ever before.

You also need to remember that because of her association with the protest people will now be more interested in supporting her work. It’s a function of “us versus them” thinking… she will probably be seen as “one of us” rather than “one of them” and despite nobody finding her work particularly attractive before now… they’ll promote it as a symbol of “us“.


So I guess this is a new way for artists to get themselves noticed! You just get out there, do or say something either crazy or rude, or be at some big event, and then bam! Notoriety.

Oh….. no……….. wait……… that’s not new is it….. artists do that all the time already don’t they.


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