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Fujifilm Brings Out a Nude Model Because???


Fujifilm and gang have brought it upon themselves to give us a reminder that people often make poor / unethical decisions.

Earlier today, photographer Danny North was at a paid Fujifilm UK event to try out the much-anticipated medium format GFX 50s when something shocking happened. After the technical talk, Fuji UK brought out a topless model for the predominantly male audience to test the camera on.

Now that is some fuckery.


And while Fujifilm did eventually apologize… it’s the fact that it happened in the first place that makes this interesting.

Fujifilm has a long tradition in photography, an art-form that covers many different genres.
In a workshop on 24th February to demonstrate one of our new products in a real-life shooting situation with a working professional photographer, the choice of shooting subject made by the photographer was not appropriate and we sincerely apologise for any offence that it might have caused.
The workshop itself was arranged by an external professional commercial photographer that we have previously worked with on many different projects. On this occasion, his choice of shooting subject was not in line with our company values.

Had we known in advance that this shooting subject was going to be used we would have requested an alternative subject for the workshop. We would never knowingly use such shooting subjects to promote our brand.



Here’s a super complex thought!

Consent matters and ethics matter.


It is not ethical to trot out a nude model at a public event without any notice / consent from the attendees. That point was apparently lost on Fujifilm and gang but that doesn’t mean it has to be lost on you!


So for everybody else out there, take this opportunity to learn and make sure you think shit through.



forethought (noun)

careful consideration of what will be necessary or may happen in the future.

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