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Sony’s Medium Format Camera – Probably Not Coming Soon

but hey… whatever…


With the release of another new G Master lens, the 100mm Smooth Trans Foucs full frame E mount lens, Sony now has a collection of four high quality lenses that are specifically built for sensors that are of a higher resolution than what Sony now builds.


G Master
High resolution and spectacular bokeh come together in lenses that will continue to deliver ultimate performance with the most advanced camera bodies for many years to come.



Which is interesting… Sony is making no promises for its future product cycles and yet is preparing you for something… or possibly just using people’s gullibility to sell products bUT WE’RE GOING TO IGNORE THAT.

And frankly I feel like that something is going to be either something incredibly boring or incredibly cool with no middle ground. I can’t help but think that Sony will either release a boring full frame A7 with a 100 mp sensor… or maybe… just maybe get real weird with it and release a medium format camera.

Speculation… but fun speculation! Absolutely nothing says that G Master lenses are built to be used on a physically larger sensor, just a higher resolution sensor. But we aren’t Sony are we. They know what they know, but we don’t know what they know.

Maybe all it’d take is an adapter to make E mount lenses compatible with a medium format camera.


I mean Fujifilm released a new mirrorless medium format camera… is it so crazy for Sony to do so as well?

dpreview interview with fujifilm

You’re joining Ricoh in the medium format market, and some long-established brands like Hasselblad and Phase One. Are you expecting other manufacturers to enter this market too?

We don’t know. Obviously, the other brands are focusing on full-frame at the moment. Obviously though we’d welcome any brand that joins this category, because it will increase awareness, and help the category as a whole.


*whispers* Fujifilm!!!

Sony already produces mirrorless full frame cameras with its A7 line. They have the experience, the manufacturing capabilities, the distribution system. The leap from making a full frame camera to a medium format camera for a company like Sony isn’t that large.

And while I imagine Sony wouldn’t take that leap soon, I can easily see them looking at Fujifilm’s inevitable success with their new medium format camera and deciding to come out with a mirrorless medium format camera of their own.


Speculation really gets your photography senses tingling doesn’t it…

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