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YouTube and The Heckler’s Veto – The Giraffe Story

here’s another stupid thing…


Apparently, there’s a live-stream set up so people can watch the live birth of a giraffe…

The live stream of the 15-year-old female giraffe, named April, first launched on Feb. 10, and the zoo says she’s due to deliver her calf “any minute now.” The newborn calf will weigh around 150 pounds and is expected to be about 6 feet tall at birth.


And YouTube, being the lumbering bureaucratic website that is is, removed that live-stream because it was reported for sexually explicit or nude content.

“For the millions of you that have been tuning in to take witness of this educational experience of a live giraffe birth, there’s a handful of extremists and animal rights activits that may not agree with us … that have unfortunately reported our YouTube cam as sexually explicit or nude content.”


It’s a fucking giraffe.

A gangly ass animal that people love looking at but don’t know so much about.

And people legitimately felt the need to click that report button and stop people from experiencing something new.

And YouTube felt the need to help stop it.


How sad is that?

How sad is it that people can’t just mind their own damn business?

How can somebody be so wrapped up in their own reality that they not only can’t recognize other people’s realities but also set out to repress their actions…



“First Amendment law is clear that everyone has the right to picket a speaker, and to go inside the hall and heckle him or her—but not to drown out the speaker, let alone rush the stage and stop the speech before it starts. That’s called the ‘heckler’s veto’.”

– Nat Hentoff

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