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Gawker is Dead

i guess peter thiel got exactly what he wanted…

i hear when you turn bitter and ignorant revenge becomes one of the sweetest tasting dishes on earth…

Univision, having just purchased Gawker’s assets, has decided that it will completely shutdown… Gawker is dead.

But, apparently, its other sites will live on under Univision…

Univision Communications has no plans to operate after acquiring Gawker Media’s assets for $135 million, a source told FORBES on Thursday. According to the source, the Spanish-language media organization will operate sites like Jezebel and Deadspin, but will shutter Gawker’s namesake site.


It is not unheard of for companies purchasing the assets of other companies to ditch the ‘bad’ that comes with the purchase of the ‘good’ stuff they do want.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t a regrettable decision.

An entire website full of writing is going to disappear. 11 full-time staff may be out of a job. A voice in our cultural landscape has been silenced… and we are all poorer for it.

I have detailed previously my feelings on this situation… I feel that it’s fairly inappropriate to abuse the court system in an attempt to silence those that you do not like… I also feel that to protect the rights of all we must tolerate the shit attitude Gawker approached the world with in the past.

The Gawker saga is now over.

I have little left to say.


Goodbye Gawker…



Suing a media company into oblivion will forever stick with me as one of the most petulant and childish things I’ve seen a billionaire do.


Update – Popehat has a Gawker Article Now (8/18/2016)

It’s a brief note on justice… I suggest you read it.

As I’ve written before, I’m not sure that the ruinous verdict against Gawker was just, I don’t think that the amount of damages awarded was defensible, and I’m concerned that the result was a product of the brokenness of our legal system.

But observers seem eager to push the wrong message about that brokenness. The scary part of the story isn’t that the occasional vengeful billionaire might break the system and overwhelm even a well-funded target with money. Such people exist, but getting sued by them is like getting hit by lightning. No, for most of us the scary part of the story is that our legal system is generally receptive to people abusing it…

 Read the whole thing here:

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