Get The F*ck Out of Here With Your Hypocrisy

“some artists out there just keep putting out crap”

– twitch artist

Says the person copying other people’s art in their live stream!?

Excuse you.

You know what, I personally dislike copying.

I feel that a person should be throwing all of those thoughts rattling around up there in their heads onto canvas or paper or whatever. I feel that there is insanely huge value in creating new things, in experimenting with your own stories, that there’s a lot to be said for constantly trying new things out when it comes to your artwork.

And copying, well it’s the exact opposite isn’t it. When you copy, you reproduce the thoughts… the work… of another.

But it is still a valid form of artistic expression. Just because you did not think it up to begin with, you can still make it yours and even if you don’t put your own spin on it is still your version (since nobody can make an exact copy of anything). It is perfectly okay to simply copy other works. There is no harm in it and it does not make you less of an artist.

My point is that art is subjective.

While you say artists are out there putting crap out, somebody could say the same of you… somebody could easily say that merely copying other artist’s comic book characters is the equivalent of putting crap out there.

Think before you speak.

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