Magic The Gathering Tournaments on twitch

So last week I was going through the popular channels section on and I came across the Magic The Gathering tournament that was currently going on. I played Magic The Gathering as a kid and actually still have Magic cards somewhere in my closet… so naturally I was interested in this foray into the modern world by Magic.

And well, honestly, it turned out to be a weird thing to watch.

The commentators were a little awkward in their speech and there was so much insider chatter that it was difficult to understand what the hell anybody was saying. But that’s a small issue, better mic quality and more explanation by the commentators can easily address that stuff…

But the real issue I came across while watching was this nagging question of how the hell was anybody having any fun!?

I don’t understand how anybody has any fun playing in that tournament!!! The players in the tournament only have like three kinds of creatures in their deck and then like 4 copies of each of those creatures…

How is that fun?

When I was a youngster, most of the fun of Magic the Gathering came from having all these weird monsters with their weird intricate artwork on the cards.

phyrexian gargantua

I understand that there are different rules to different tournaments and that people find enjoyment in winning, but at the same time… I don’t know… I get the feeling that perhaps winning has overshadowed some of the inherent fun parts of Magic the Gathering.

For gods sake, they made fun of a guy for having a holographic land card. Like are you kidding. Why the hell put holographic cards in the card game if you’re not going to use them??? They’re meant to be enjoyed.

So I guess not only can we not have fun with a bunch of weird monsters, but we can’t have fun with holographic cards either…

Can you see how I’m struggling to understand the fun here???


Maybe I’ll find the fun when they do their next stream next week…

Mar. 15: Vintage Super League Finals | 6 pm PT

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