Getting a Full Frame Camera on the Cheap – The Sony Story


Right now, you can get a full frame camera for $900 at Adorama.




The A7, while now replaced by the A7II, is a high quality full frame camera made by Sony… who by the way just happens to be the manufacturer of imaging sensors for other camera makers.


The Sony A7 has been relatively cheap for a little while now… but $900 seems to be a new low.


You can get full frame performance, rivaling any full frame camera except for the most premium offerings from Canon Nikon and Sony, for less than a thousand dollars.

That is shocking.

Never have we lived in a world with so many lens and camera options and at affordable prices for a large number of people.


But why is it $900?


  1. Sony has kept the prices for its full frame bodies under that of its competitors… you’ll notice that while you pay $1500 for a Sony body, you’re also paying more for E mount lenses. They’re trying to spur adoption of their systems knowing that in the end, if they convince you to go with them, you’ll be returning to purchase more of their equipment.

    Canon full frame body ($2500) + L series lens ($1000) = $3500
    Sony full frame body ($1500) + G Master lens ( ~ $2000) = $3500

  2. The A7 is the previous generation! Either Sony is trying to sell through existing inventory or its still manufacturing the A7 as a way to hook value seeking customers into the Sony ecosystem.


What do?

If you’re a person out to buy their very first full frame camera… let me tell you that you simply do not need the absolute latest camera offering. You can and should use the previous generation. You will save a ton of money on the body allowing you to purchase the quality lenses that you truly need.

So perhaps take this as a sign to take the plunge and make your purchase…


If you’re already familiar with full frame cameras or perhaps you’re simply a wealthy person… maybe this is your opportunity to snag a cheap, capable, full frame camera that you can beat the hell out of without worrying.

Think on it…


A7 Specs

Lens Compatibility – Sony E-mount Full Frame lenses (FE), operation with Minolta/Konica Minolta Maxxum A-mount lenses confirmed via optional LA-EA3/LA-EA4 adaptor

Lens Mount – Sony E-mount Full Frame

Imaging Sensor – Exmor CMOS sensor (35.8 X 23.9mm)

Processor – BIONZ X image processor

Anti Dust – Charge protection coating on optical filter and ultrasonic vibration mechanism

Focus System – Fast Hybrid AF (phase-detection AF/contrast-detection AF)

Focus Points – 117 points (phase-detection AF), 25 points (contrast-detection AF) AF Modes Single-shot AF (AF-S), Continuous AF (AF-C), Direct Manual Focus (DMF), Manual Focus

Weight with battery and Memory Stick PRO Duo ~ 1 lb. 0.7 oz. (474 g)

Weight body only ~ 14.7 oz. (416 g)


As always…

I am not compensated in any form by Adorama or Sony for this post. I’m only trying to be helpful, not advertise products while masquerading as a reviewer.

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