@ Writers – Your Idea Isn’t as Stupid as You Think



There is, apparently, a kids book promoting some very thinly veiled ‘ultra-conservative’ (or stupid, racist, white supremacist whichever you think is most appropriate) themes… “The Adventures of Pepe and Pede”.


You can’t make this bullsquirt up.


Somebody went “yes I am going to make a pepe kids book this is a GREAT idea!!!”



Online fans of Donald Trump refer to themselves as centipedes. Alkah is a bearded alligator, his name is one letter off from Allah—the Arabic word for God—and in this story, his minions are all beautiful pink creatures covered in icky black mud. In the book’s illustrations, they look like women in burqas.

Hauser denies that his book has racist themes. “The alligator was based on a recurring nightmare my daughter kept having. She would often describe this alligator as having a beard and wearing a robe like a wizard,” he told Motherboard in an email. Motherboard contacted Nina Khalova, the book’s artist, who is based in Ukraine. She provided us with documents showing that some of the character designs are based on religious stereotypes.

Source: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/vbbdz3/a-texas-assistant-principal-wrote-an-alt-right-childrens-book

(bolding my own)


“like a wizard”

Yeah kiss my left butt cheek buddy.


Not only was this nonsense released… it was then snapped up by a book publisher that loves the attention generated by inane “conservative” books (Post Hill Press).


So if you’re a writer and were thinking to yourself “wow my idea is stupid“… you might just get yourself a publisher! So go ahead and publish it!

Whatever you write it certainly won’t be as stupid as the Pepe kids book by Eric Hauser.

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