Graphics Cards are Back-ordered… All of them



This is getting absurd…

Want a graphics card?

You’re not going to get one.



People have gone berserk and are buying up every single graphics card they can get to mine crypto-currency.

Funny enough, one of which is being used as a currency, but more like digital beanie babies.


It’s an investment” they say.
It’s only going to go up” they say.
It’s the future” they say.


And yet all people are truly achieving is wasting huge amounts of electricity, denying people graphics cards that can be put to productive use, and of course promoting mass delusion.


Here’s an example of that mass delusion at work!
Graphics card section at B&H:


Everything that can be used to mine crypto currency is sold out. Everything.

All that is left, the only graphics cards you’ll find, are ones that are uneconomical to use for crypto-currency… very basic graphics cards meant for your grandpa and pro graphics cards which have a bit more of a limited use and whose drivers are a constant pain in the butt.

And funny thing again! The pro cards are overpriced as well! Because why not take advantage of the insane demand out there and tax even the users who don’t want eight GTX 1080 cards for their miner.


This needs to come to an end soon.

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