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Me yesterday…

First off, it’s important that you know that “Kodak” is no longer the Kodak of your childhood. That company is gone, what is left is a company that sells the “Kodak” name to other companies. Virtually every product you see with “Kodak” on it today has nothing to do with the old Kodak.



And today…

At CES this year ‘Kodak’ announced both blockchain-based IP protection and cryptocurrency projects, and a scheme that apparently lets you buy a Bitcoin-mining farm for them. However, the KodakOne project appears to be as much a rebranding of an existing project called RYDE as it does a “partnership between Kodak and [RYDE owner] Wenn Media”. Meanwhile, the Kodak KashMiner scheme, which lets you rent the hardware to mine the more famous Bitcoin cryptocurrency appears to be entirely separate: essentially an unconventional investment scheme using industry-standard hardware with the Kodak logo stuck on the side so that there’s something to show at CES.

Essentially, these look a lot like Kodak licensing its name to other companies in much the same way as the current holders of the Polaroid, Rollei and Vivitar names accept fees to let those names get emblazoned on, well, pretty much anything.


It’s important to understand that just because there’s Kodak branding on it, that doesn’t mean you should trust it. If recent events prove anything it’s the exact opposite. If there’s a Kodak brand on it, don’t trust it until you have more information.


The Kodak of old is gone. What’s left are a handful of survivor companies that, while they share the Kodak name, only exist to make a handful of Kodak products or to sell the Kodak name.

There is no longer one comprehensive entity that you can trust.

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