Hasselblad is Offering a Medium Format Kit Now at a Discount*

*discount to prices of individual items… the kit saves you at least $1500… so that’s nice…


The world of photographic equipment gets cheaper and more diverse by the day…


First we had the Sony A7 that I mentioned earlier here… which is a quality full frame camera selling for only $900.


And now…


We have Hasselblad, the maker of uber expensive medium format cameras, offering a “field kit” for $17,500.

X1D Field Kit contents
The package includes the following items:
X1D-50c Camera (silver)  [$9000]
XCD 3,5/30mm Lens  [$4000]
XCD 3,5/45mm Lens [$2700]
XCD 3,2/90mm Lens [$3200]
Rugged Pelican carrying case
2 camera batteries
Shoulder and wrist strap
USB cable


Which may sound like a lot… but for a medium format camera and three lenses… that’s not bad. You’re getting over $19,000 worth of stuff for $17,500. And you get the other goodies of course…


It is not a huge discount, maybe 10% overall, but it’s a discount on Hasselblad product nonetheless… which is a bit of a rare event and certainly offers anybody who was contemplating jumping into the world of medium format a good way to enter.


Maybe this is Hasselblad’s attempt to be proactive and protect its market share as more and more equipment options open up for consumers… or maybe they’re just trying to move inventory before the release of a new camera body. Who knows. Not me.


Anyways, the kit comes out at the end of September… and it may be a good way for you to save a buck or a thousand.

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