Hasselblad Wants You to Know the H6D-50c is now Cheaper

oh hasselblad you rascal…



The H6D-50c is the latest generation of our integrated digital medium format camera system and has been painstakingly redesigned from the ground up to incorporate the very latest technologies. The tried and tested 50MP sensor has been further developed with an increased ISO range and performance in data throughput. With close to 14 stops of dynamic range, subtle details are rendered beautifully in crisp, breathtaking detail.

The Hasselblad H6D-50c is available at €11 900*.

Source: http://www.hasselblad.com/products/h6d-50c-promotion


That’s over $10,000 USD off the original retail price.


Frankly, I kind of think that Hasselblad is taking notice of Fujifilm’s new medium format camera (GFX 50S) and is beginning a fight to maintain market share… perhaps they even feel that the medium format market could grow as they lower prices to compete… (that’s called a virtuous circle).

Lower Price → higher consumer sales → lowering manufacturing costs → sustainable lower price floor → higher consumer sales → etc.


However, retailers have yet to adjust their prices to Hasselblads recommended level so please wait a moment before purchasing a new Hasselblad.

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