Oh Also Pewdiepie Might Be Violating FTC Guidelines

also possibly a violation of twitters policies…


So while checking to see if Pewdiepie had anything to say about himself blurting out the n-word… I found something mildly concerning.


Here’s a tweet from Pewdiepie promoting gaming monitors from Asus…


The shortened URL in his tweet goes to Asus’s product page: https://www.asus.com/us/Monitors/ROG-STRIX-XG27VQ/


But not only is Pewdiepie promoting Asus’ monitors he’s also promoting their twitter account.


And I’m hoping you noticed that there is absolutely no mention of the tweet being an endorsement, paid promotion, or advertisement (whichever word you’d prefer).


Here’s the problem with that… if Pewdiepie was compensated, even if he was just given the monitors for free by Asus, he must disclose that information. It is required under FTC guidelines.

… For example, an endorsement would be covered by the FTC Act if an advertiser – or someone working for an advertiser – pays you or gives you something of value to mention a product. If you receive free products or other perks with the expectation that you’ll promote or discuss the advertiser’s products in your blog, you’re covered. Bloggers who are part of network marketing programs, where they sign up to receive free product samples in exchange for writing about them, also are covered.

Source: https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/ftcs-endorsement-guides-what-people-are-asking


If Pewdiepie purchased the monitors himself then none of this matters and he doesn’t need to disclose anything. But quite frankly, judging by the passive bland wording of the tweet I cannot help but feel that Pewdiepie was compensated in some manner.


Judging by Pewdiepie’s general uncaring demeanor… I wouldn’t be surprised to find that he has violated FTC guidelines on more occasions and I’d assume Twitter’s policies as well.


For everybody else out there…

Take this as a reminder… if you have a relationship with a company and benefit from that relationship and are promoting them on your website, blog, twitter, Instagram, or whatever… you must disclose your relationship.


If you’re an artist on Instagram and you make a post about the fancy new paint brushes you got for free from some company you need to tell people that. If you’re an Instagram glam girl and you promote makeup or clothing and get paid to do it… you must disclose that to your followers.


Not only does the FTC require you to do so… it is the right thing to do. You should not be abusing your relationship with people to financially benefit yourself.

There is nothing inherently wrong with advertisements.

There is something inherently wrong with you posting ads masquerading as content so that people get the impression you’re genuinely recommending the damn makeup because you like it.



This is not a joke. This is serious and one of the instances in life that determines who you are as a person. This is an opportunity for you to do the right thing.


If you're an artist or general personality read up here: 



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