New Leica M10 camera body

How its Made – The Leica M10


First Sony let people see how parts of how its imaging sensors are made… and now one Richard Seymour has made a video showing how the Leica M10 is made. Fun.

A masterpiece in the making: The Leica M10 from Richard Seymour on Vimeo.

A behind the scenes look at how the iconic Leica M10 camera is built in Wetzlar, Germany


The Leica M10 of course is Leica’s new fancy pants digital rangefinder camera. So I suppose this is free advertising for Leica isn’t it…


The M10 costs $6895 for the body only and is currently available for preorder… if you happen to have a buttload of cash you’d like to drop on a new body.




You can read more about the Leica M10 here:

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