Pewdiepie Just Can’t Stop Saying and Doing Crappy Stuff

can society just be done with pewdiepie now… he is annoying and none of this is worth talking about…


On today’s episode of “what did pewdiepie do now???” the Pewdiepie character uses a word that was pretty okay to say on 1980’s TV… but just aint a good thing to be saying in the modern world.


Pewdiepie dropped the n-word while gaming… because boo-hoo he got upset!



It is telling that Pewdiepie blurted out the n-word in a moment of anger and then corrected himself. It tells people what his first impulse is. Back in the day, when I got angry while playing Halo 2 my first choice was “fuck”. But hey to each his own!



Now there’s a good point… you would think by now that Pewdiepie would’ve learned that he needs to be more careful than the average person about what he says. And yet here we are.


Pewdiepie has shown himself again and again to only be a spoiled brat who doesn’t care in any way about what he says. He does not seem to care one bit about what the words he chooses to use actually mean.

It is all about him.

His feelings.

His show.

His little world.


Quite frankly, I want society to be done with Pewdiepie. He is a twat who offers nothing unique or special. You can find hundreds of gamers on twitch who are not only better gamers but also better people… in just a few clicks of your mouse. It isn’t hard to move on to something, somebody, better.


But I’m afraid… even if people stop engaging with Pewdiepie… he will always have a home with the resurgent internet trolls and racists of the world.


I’m sure he won’t see them that way… once he starts getting their money.





Update – 9/11/2017

What on earth would we do without quality content like Pewdiepie’s???????

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