Dark grey rectangle with text "umm... why..."

Hollywood’s Fridgid B*tch Syndrome

Dark grey rectangle with text "umm... why..."

So please, tell me, why is it in movies… American movies at least…
That the “frigid bitch” character is always a brunette…
While the new “cute fun quirky loving” girl is always blonde.


What is that about?


Is that because of societal stereotypes concerning hair color?

Is this some kind of sexist thing?
People prefer blonde women !!!” – Hollywood

Or do you think it’s just a very non subtle way to make the character seem meaner, darker, less attractive as a person by playing off people’s association of dark colors with negative things?


I don’t know yet honestly what the answer is… but you’ll find that association of brunette = bad and blonde = good in a weirdly high number of movies.

If y’all know the answer, get back to me. It weirds me out and I want answers.





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