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Man Eating Super Squid: A Monster Invasion

Man Eating Super Squid: A Monster Invasion  (National Geographic TV show)

Description: Frightening stories from fishermen and sailors suggest the mythical creature known as the kraken may be all too real…


“We need to keep the oceans in check or we may have a super predator we’re not prepared to face”



If you’ll believe it, Man Eating Super Squid is full of false drama and is very reminiscent of those shark bite shows they show during Shark Week. You know, the ones with all the violent camera movement and screaming and shark bite victims recounting how the shark bit them.



As a rational person looking to enjoy some video of pretty squids and some science, what’s worse than false drama you may be wondering…

WELL… the video is only of squids you’ve seen before in footage you’ve probably seen before. It’s just Humboldt squid and giant squid. No new to science, large, aggressive squids here.

So from a science and learning perspective, this show is worthless.

From and entertainment perspective, Man Eating Super Squid is again pretty worthless.


What Man Eating Super Squid is though… it is a good example of man’s arrogance. Squids live in the ocean, they have every right to attack humans swimming in it, nobody should be surprised. They’re smart, hungry, and have a desire to survive. Only mankind would think they have a right to go anywhere and everywhere without any risk.



Unbelievable Quotes


“A global threat” – referring to giant squids. Like are you kidding me?!?


“Our best defense is understanding the enemy” – because we all know squids are the got dang enemy right??? That makes soooo much sense!?



At The End of the Day …


Man Eating Super Squid is not a science show about squid, it’s just sensationalism.

Pretty dumb sensationalism at that.




Actual information about Humboldt Squid and Giant Squid…


Humboldt Squid

Giant Squid

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