Image of Julia Child from the streaming marathon of 'The French Chef'.

The Julia Child Marathon – Dough Science


It’s amazing.

Here I was thinking the people of the 1960’s were barbarians, with their flour that requires sifting before use and such nonsense.

And then, Julia Child starts dropping dough science on me.

So perhaps the barbarians of the past were smarty pants barbarians.


But really, do you know how pissed off I’d be if we still had to constantly sift flour.


This does highlight something interesting though. Julia Child’s The French Chef was filmed during a time of great invention and change for the American kitchen. All kinds of things were invented and popularized that made life in the kitchen easier during the shows run and they actually make it into the show… Don’t believe me, the History Channel will be more than happy to tell you all about it.

If you pay attention and watch the show chronologically you begin to notice all of these little things… it’s kind of interesting to see.

You can find the changing shapes of spice containers, changing cookware, new appliances, new tools, new ingredients as well as ingredients made more convenient, and common products that are really old news to us but brand new and needing explanation in Julia Child’s time.







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