Image of Chief O'Brien from Star Trek Deep Space 9

Chief O’Brien and Deep Space Nine

Image of Chief O'Brien from Star Trek Deep Space 9


You know, at first I thought it was stupid to use Chief O’Brien as a “pull” to get Deep Space 9 started as a new independent show during the ending seasons of Star Trek The Next Generation.
I mean, who the heck is he to be a main character? He was rarely used in Star Trek The Next Generation and I just didn’t see him as this fleshed out independent character… WHO WAS HE TO ME!?


So most of O’Brien’s inclusions were small, time wise, in Star Trek The Next Generation...
Although we did get some more of Chief O’Brien in the later seasons and the reality is unless you were one of the main characters in The Next Generation you were never really going to be a well developed character.
That’s due to the extreme episodic nature the producers went with.
But you know, once Deep Space 9 got into full swing, Chief O’Brien was the glue for me.
He hated Julian in the first season, as did I. We both disliked his fussy arrogance.


And just like O’Brien the doctor grew on me… further entrenching me in the Deep Space 9 world.

I think it’s just something about O’Brien, like he’s your normal person in a brave new starry world and all Trek fans can relate to that.




SO… My point is… kind of… okay this is my point…

At the end of the day, Deep Space 9 turned a background character in The Next Generation into a fully fleshed out lovable character.

At the end of the day, O’Brien became one of my favorite characters of all time.

At the end of the day, Julian’s and O’Brien’s friendship was one of the most touching as well as long-lived relationship the Star Trek series has EVER offered us.






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