The Onion – oops – I Mean Motherboard…


It’s bad when you go to Motherboard, read the first article title, and think you accidentally went to The Onion.


Like holy sh*t.


I will never use number of retweets as a way to make decisions again.”



Like are you kidding me? Are you telling me that isn’t a joke?? Somebody said this in a serious manner???


It’s a tale as old as time: girl meets dog, girl tweets about dog, 100,000 strangers retweet dog, girl gets dog.

This is what happened when 17-year-old Clara Foster asked her dad how many retweets she would need to get for him to get her a puppy. He initially set the number at 1 million, but reduced his benchmark to a more “realistic” goal of 100,000 retweets, which Clara reached today.






As a side note, for a website that rails against content farms it’s fairly humorous that Motherboard would

  1. post such a stupid article
  2. title it like it was a buzzfeed article
  3. not see the problems with 1 and 2


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