Image of Kylo Ren with his trademark damaged lightsaber.

I Hate Kylo Ren and You Should Too

Image of Kylo Ren with his trademark damaged lightsaber.

Honestly though, I really dislike Kylo Ren as a character (not the actor).

As a character, I think Kylo Ren is just terrible.

Just… so… bad.

He’s presented to the viewer as this troubled, spoiled, child. Throughout the entirety of Star Wars The Force Awakens all I got was rapist vibes from his obsession with using the force to invade people’s minds. Kylo’s obsessive use of his mind power nonsense is unprecedented to the point that it is creepy.

Really, the character is terrible. According to Snoke, Kylo Ren is supposed to exemplify the perfect Jedi… balanced between the light and dark sides of the force. And I suppose Snoke is right, he’s no representation of evil or good. He just is… and what he is… is an angry spoiled child who killed his father. That’s 30 years to life, you jackass.

And you know, as his murdered father Han mentioned, Kylo Ren is merely being used for his power by Snoke. Now I’m going to assume we’ll discover in later Star Wars Episodes that Kylo Ren is in fact aware of this but has some ulterior motive that makes Snoke’s use of him acceptable.


It is my suspicion that we’re going to Kylo Ren commit more crimes in the form of an attempted or successful murder of Snoke after he either

  1. feels he’s become as strong as his granddaddy Vader
  2. comes towards the light side of the force and helps Rey kill Snoke through some helpful act
  3. is betrayed by Snoke and murders him in some kind of raging revenge


I just feel that Kylo Ren’s character development is going to be weak judging by what’s already occurred. There’s just nowhere for Kylo to go in the coming episodes… but down into a world of crappy developments.


To Sum Up


And you know what, Star Wars doesn’t always have to be what everybody wants it to be. It’s alright to enjoy something different… and it’s alright to disagree. I may not like Kylo Ren but you may think he’s the perfect embodiment, just like Snoke, of a person balanced on the edge of the light and dark sides of the force.

2 thoughts on “I Hate Kylo Ren and You Should Too

  1. You are absolutely right. He’s not even a REAL sith lord unlike Darth Caedus/Jacen Solo (comic books). Hell, Starkiller from the video game Force Unlashed is a better villain than Crylo Rent

    1. I honestly don’t understand at all what JJ Abrams and gang thought they were doing with Kylo Ren… it’s like they wanted to make a conflicted character to add depth, but failed so miserably the audience doesn’t pickup on that… so why the hell are we expected to care about him?

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