Image of the Star Trek Enterprise poster

Star Trek Enterprise – Why I Hate It and Never Talk About It

Image of the Star Trek Enterprise poster

While I know there’s always something for somebody to hate when it comes to each series of the Star TrekEnterprise takes the cake for things to hate.


Why is Enterprise so terrible?


The plot line of every episode is ridiculously weak. You thought Star Trek The Original Series had weak plot lines??? WELCOME TO ENTERPRISE WHERE THERE ARE NO RULES

Often there’s illogical timing… characters know what happened to other characters and know what decisions have been made even though they have not been informed and there has been no passage of time where the viewer could infer that they were told.


It doesn’t even FEEL like a Star Trek series. Every single episode I watch, it doesn’t FEEL right. It doesn’t feel like we’re actually having space adventures. It feels like some jackass from 1820’s America got a hold of a star ship and is just going around screwing up everything for everybody in the galaxy. It’s like the ‘Wild West’ theme applied to Star Trek The Original Series got dialed up a notch and used on Enterprise.


Captain Archer.
Captain Archer just screams and screams and screams. He has to be the worst captain in all of the Star Treks. I think even Kirk’s weird sexual liasons with aliens is more appropriate than a captain whose only showing of leadership is to scream at every plot line development. Andoreans attacking? Scream at T’pol. Trip do something wrong? Let’s scream at him. Alien species not cooperating? LET US SCREAM.


And that intro music? WOW. Just wow.

That intro music is so atrocious. Just. So bad. It has to be the worst intro music for any of the Star Trek series.

It all adds up to make Enterprise not particularly enjoyable for me.

Enterprise makes my brain hurt.



So, those were some the reasons I never bothered to mention Enterprise before now.

It was space themed trash.

But after a long period of reflection in the shower, I remembered that even trash can be enjoyable… and that writing about trash can be interesting. So, I will now be writing about Star Trek Enterprise.

Hopefully I’ll find something nice to say about the series!





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