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If Your Art is Meritorious People Will Advertise For You – The Pete Souza Example

pro-test gets you no-test (noticed)… ha ha get it? so funny

…Souza, it seems, is using his old Obama photo archives to comment on, mock, and otherwise troll the new Trump Administration.

If you follow Souza on Instagram, as many photographers no doubt do, you’ve probably noticed strange posts like this one, with the caption “Those damn lights ;)”

That’s just one of many examples on Souza’s Instagram of subtle digs at the new administration and President—it’s thought to be a reference to a New York Times article that claimed Trump’s staffers were holding meetings in the dark because they couldn’t figure out the light switches….


The Trump Troll continues trolling.

You can find Pete Souza’s Instagram here:

And the Presedential Archive one here:


Apparently, Souza prefers the term ‘throwing shade’… Considering the book just released of his Instagram posts is title Shade.

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