The New New New Colossus


It turns out that the new new colossus that I had previously wrote about…


So… Who will give us the “new” New Colossus?

You have to wonder, who out there is going to be spurred on by all of the nonsense in the world to make something that will once again embody the American spirit to such an extent that it becomes part of America?



Isn’t going to be something beautiful…


But instead will be something stupid!

Miller argued that speaking English is already a requirement for people seeking to become naturalized Americans, and dismissed Acosta’s citation of the words on the Statue of Liberty, saying they were a later addition to the statue.

“The Statue of Liberty … is a symbol of American liberty lighting the world,” said Miller. “The poem that you are referring to was added later and is not part of the original Statue of Liberty.”

Miller went on to ask Acosta just how many legal immigrants per year would satisfy a so-called “Statue of Liberty law of the land.”
“Tell me what years meet Jim Acosta’s definition of the Statue of Liberty poem law of the land?” he asked.


“tHe PoEm WaS ADDeD lAtER”

You twat.

(Read about how The New Colossus came to be)


Anyways, fun!

The only mention of New Colossus in our modern world is from a singular reporter and a dill weed “White House Senior Adviser” named Stephen Miller!


That’s just great.


Maybe now that the linking of immigration and Emma Lazarus’ poem has been made explicit for people and has become popular in the media… maybe now… somebody will actually make something beautiful. Considering it took that exchange with the dill weed to even get people to remember that the poem exists… my hopes are not as high as they were.


If we’re being frank, it’ll be interesting to see all of the people who have never found meaning in the poem beyond their schoolbooks and who took the poem for granted will now defend it as a symbol of America…


Us versus them thinking… concerning a poem that is meant as a symbol of American unity and spirit.






“I don’t want these people,”

– Donald Trump speaking about refugees


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