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As you may remember, while hurricane Harvey dumped trillions of gallons of water on Texas… Trump spent his time promoting his friend’s bookCop Under Fire“.


Here’s an excerpt of a review that pretty much tells you everything you need to know about Clarke’s book…

Normally it would be a waste of energy to give serious consideration to Clarke’s scribblings. One might as well review a YouTube comment section. However, the man has captured the notoriously limited attention of our president, and Politico reports that he is likely to take a position in the Trump administration in the near future, all of which makes his ideas, such as they are, noteworthy.

Some sample chapter titles: “I’m Colorblind When It Comes to Crime and Punishment” and “Guess What? Prison is Supposed to be Unpleasant.” There’s also a passage on Clarke’s opinions on the ’90s sitcom “Murphy Brown” and a biblical exegesis on what Jesus would think of the Second Amendment.

This sort of clownishness hangs about the book at all times, much like the giant cowboy hats and fake medals Clarke adorns himself with. He insists on referring to Black Lives Matter as “Black LIES Matter” (emphasis in the original) in every single instance, and calls Obama the “cop-hater-in-chief.” He spends at least a quarter of his book quoting and arguing against Black Lives Matter, a “subversive, anarchist, hateful movement” that “doesn’t care any more about the lives of black people than the Ku Klux Klan does.”

Like former Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio, whom Trump pardoned in August, Clarke is an avatar of the sort of defiant authority that Trump perhaps imagines he projects. It’s an attitude Kevin D. Williamson at National Reviewidentified as the Glengarry Glenn Ross superfan club—would-be alpha males, brash and loud, unconcerned by attacks from the haters and losers, be they the lying press, litigious civil liberties groups, or activist federal judges.

Except of course, these alpha dogs have fragile little egos, which is why they lash out and abuse their power whenever challenged, such as when Clarke asked police to detain and question a man who had the temerity to criticize him on an airplane flight. (Not mentioned in the book.)

Read the entire article here:


So yeah… if you go read the article you can learn more about why David Clarke is an awful person.


But let’s move on…


Did Trump’s promoting of Clarke’s book help his sales $$$ out?




The literal sales data is not public, but we can go back in time and take a look at his Amazon listing.


On July 17th Cop Under Fire had 464 reviews and the hardcover edition was the only print edition ($15.64).


Now, just two weeks later… Cop Under Fire has 534 reviews, is the #1 best seller in “Law Enforcement Politics” (which I was unaware was an actual category), and now has a paperback edition… while the hardcover edition’s price has fallen to $14.22.


Clarke has obviously gotten a pretty big boost in a few weeks time. It may not sound like much, but getting almost 100 new reviews on an Amazon listing in two weeks means the book is getting some relatively hefty sales. Especially considering it’s not exactly a popular category and he’s no celebrity (seems like he wishes he was though huh).

You can also see that the page was optimized to make it look prettier, I imagine due to an increased interest on Amazon’s part when they saw a jump in sales.


So yes, Donald Trump… the President of the United States… is advertising his friend’s book and yes it is in fact making his friend wealthier.


It’s not even a good book. You would’ve hoped that the President of the United States would recommend something educational, or interesting, or just something with some kind of substance.

But no.

Trump recommended a book of rants from an abusive person.


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