Jennifer Lawrence Scratch Ass – But why?

when dumb people do the dumb thing… lol…

The news is out… Jennifer Lawrence, an actress who has become famous for god knows what reason, scratched her ass on some rocks and then told the world about it on television because that’s apparently just who she is as a person!

Image of Jennifer Lawrence's butt in the Hunger Games.
She has an ass. She is an ass. Interesting.

Okay so…

The Story

On Friday, the actress appeared on “The Graham Norton Show” and revealed she almost killed someone on set because she needed to scratch her itchy butt.

The 26-year-old explained there were sacred rocks in the area they were filming, “and you’re not supposed to sit on them because you’re not supposed to expose your genitalia to them.”

After noting she was in a wetsuit for the whole shoot, Lawrence added, “Oh my god, they were so good for butt itchin’!” Naturally, she acted out her butt scratching technique for everyone.

“One rock that I was butt scratchin’ on ended up coming loose and it was a giant boulder and it rolled down this mountain and almost killed our sound guy,” she said.



So Jennifer Lawrence not only sat on rocks she’s not supposed to sit on, but she then proceeds to scratch her ass on those rocks, and nearly gets somebody killed in the process. And she tells it like it’s a funny joke.

It’s almost like she’s a self-absorbed idiot.

Imagine that.

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