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Josh Barro “Fat slobs… are a core Trump Demographic”



The only thing bigger than the known universe?

People’s arrogance.


Recently a person “hacked” McDonald’s twitter account and said some nonsense about Donald Trump. Josh Barro’s response to that tweet is… well… sad.

I’m not sure if Josh Barro deleted his tweet or not, or if he regrets his words or not (I can’t find any kind of apology or acknowledgement), but this is exactly the kind of bullsquirt that makes people lose the trust they had for you.

When you come at people with such ludicrously petty judgement… when what they want from you is well-reasoned writing… they lose respect for you and begin to distrust your words. After-all, if you’re so petty and childish in this instance… why wouldn’t you be another time?

For you writers out there… trust and respect are pretty much your only selling points. You might want to work harder on not losing them.


But you know what, everybody has a right to be an asshole… just like everybody has the right to call you an asshole… it’s just simply regrettable that some people choose to be assholes.


Add this to the list of reasons why so many people despise media outlets, writers, artists, and anybody really who turns a stereotype into their vocation… I imagine we’re on entry 1,001,033 now.


How regrettable.

One thought on “Josh Barro “Fat slobs… are a core Trump Demographic”

  1. I’d argue that the real core demographic of hardcore Trump supporters is simply ‘rude people’. Which would make Josh Barro one of Trumps most ardent supporters. L O L.

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