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How to NOT Accept Your Limited Intelligence and Capabilities

ta ta ta ta taa tommmiiiiiiiiii…



I bask in my ignorance! It’s delightful!

It really is a pretty sweet arrangement for me.

I never have to confront my own weaknesses, the limits to my intelligence and abilities, or recognize the consequences of my behavior.

And if anybody questions my arguments, my logic, or my honesty… Well it’s just my truth, your questions are invalid, and I’m right and you’re wrong.


Funny how that works out isn’t it….. how regrettable.




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One thought on “How to NOT Accept Your Limited Intelligence and Capabilities

  1. Poor Tomi. She spent her media career mocking people for being ‘snowflakes’ and now it’s all coming to an end because she has beliefs her audience doesn’t share. It’s almost like tolerance and diversity can make everybody’s lives better (Tomi wouldn’t be suspended), not just the ‘snowflakes’.

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