Julia Child on twitch.tv

Image of Julia Child taken from twitch.tv's streaming of 'The French Chef'

Just so you know, Julia Child is currently being streamed on twitch.tv’s new food channel.

Marathon of Julia Child’s “The French Chef” then 24/7 #food shows!



twitch.tv was seemingly so inspired by the success of doing replays of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting that they went with foods Bob Ross equivalent… Julia Child.


After watching Julia Child for a few hours the similarities with Bob Ross are somewhat striking honestly.

Both seem to truly care that you get something from them, both seem to want you to succeed, both have rather calm straightforward shows that focus on the artist going through each step…

It’s really all about you, the viewer, getting what you need rather than what you want. Do you want to know whether or not a store-bought pre-made bread dough will work for a recipe? No. That is boring and probably irrelevant because you’re making your own. But you need to know… so the next time you try the recipe and realize ‘uh oh I don’t have the time to make my dough from scratch‘ you will already have the knowledge and confidence to go about doing what you need to do.

I honestly get the feeling sometimes that the people on TV and other forms of media who say they’re going to teach you stuff don’t really give a crap about whether or not you gain the knowledge and confidence you need. Honestly, it seems like they’re completely focused on the entertainment aspects and making everything look real nice and pretty. After all, that does get you quite a bit more money and fame.


At the end of the day.

I feel like Julia Child and Bob Ross both represent something special.

Something that is missing from our worlds.

And maybe, that absence… is exactly why we’re now in love with them both again.

They are what we need.



Another thing, both Bob Ross and Julia Child emphasize the artists’ magic. By that I mean they both try to teach you some little things that really make your food or art be successful in such a way it seems magical to people who haven’t learned what you have… If you’re familiar with Bob and Julia, I hope you understand what I’m talking about and know just how special that is.


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