Image of Julia Child from the streaming marathon of 'The French Chef'.

Julia Child on twitch – A Note

Image of Julia Child from the streaming marathon of 'The French Chef'.
Image of Julia Child from the streaming marathon of ‘The French Chef’.

As I mentioned previously…

Just so you know, Julia Child is currently being streamed on’s new food channel.

Marathon of Julia Child’s “The French Chef” then 24/7 #food shows! was seemingly so inspired by the success of doing replays of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting that they went with foods Bob Ross equivalent… Julia Child.



And I’d just like to make a little note here.

It only took the people watching the twitch stream (and participating in the chat room which is included in a sidebar) some 36 hours to create their own little ‘Julia Child joke-book‘.
I say joke book because there’s not really a better way to explain it.
Basically, you become a part of the Julia Child stream community simply by participating in the recurring jokes…

And you know what…


What would’ve taken weeks, many news cycles and letters, and many chance conversations in the previous decades can now be done in a day.

A mini culture was born in a day.

That’s somewhat shocking.
It isn’t shocking to us, the ones who participate in it. It just seems right in our heads. But when you step back… and you really think about the previous generations and how they engaged with media… this is really shocking. It’s as if culture had been sped up to the speed of the big bang. It just went bOoOM, woW, all the culture.

Anyways, the joke is on the jokers. They may make some dumb comments, some shitty comments, and on occasion a pretty funny observation… but they’re all still learning. They’re all being exposed to a different world, a different generation, a different culture, new foods, etc.

They’re learning, participating in a community, and enjoying themselves.

Art, media, once again has made all of our lives better in a variety of ways.

We should all be happy about that





One thought on “Julia Child on twitch – A Note”

  1. another note

    to those vegans being bothersome on twitch
    why did you think it was a good idea
    to watch a cooking show
    and why be surprised
    that they cook up animals

    1. it is french cooking
    2. it is from the 60’s
    3. nowhere did it say “vegan friendly”

    like wtf

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