Portrait of Mr Rodgers

Next Up For twitch.tv – Mr. Rogers

A collage of images of Julia Child and Bob Ross taken from their shows 'The Joy of Painting' and "The French Chef".



I bet you, a gajillion dollars, that twitch.tv will get smart and realize that Mr. Rogers will be the last key they need to form the uber trifecta of old TV shows.

I just feel it in my bones.

Adding Mr Rogers is the next logical step.



Mr Rogers is much like Julia Child and Bob Ross in that they are focused on creative learning and engaging with the viewer.

They also all come from our past, so hit us hard with nostalgia. If you know anything about humanity, I’d hope you’d know that nostalgia is wildly powerful.

And to end matters, they all appeared to us on television as gentle souls. Gentle souls is not something you find in any sense in new TV shows. I feel we miss that.

Bob Ross, Julia Child, and Mr Rogers all offer us the same general things. Things I feel most of us want. I’m just so sure somebody somewhere will realize that and Mr Rogers is going to make a comeback. On twitch.tv or somewhere else… Mr Rogers is going to make an appearance.



So don’t be surprised when you see Mr Rogers being marathoned on twitch.tv


Portrait of Mr Rogers





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