Let Me Grow You a Hand BBY

Great news from the sometimes things are just exhausting department everybody!!!

Apparently, an artist has decided to grow… A HAND *horror movie music*

It all started because Amy Karle wanted to grow her own exoskeleton. But after experimenting with 3D printing bones during an artist residency program through Autodesk’s Pier 9 workshop in San Francisco, she set her sights on something a little smaller and more intimate. She decided to grow a human hand.

As she waits for her project to mature, so to speak, Karle’s experimenting with other ways to build body parts with 3D printers at Pier 9—you can see these in the gallery above. She never got her exoskeleton, but she did 3D print a dress that looks like an exoskeleton. She’s studied skeletal structures at the California Academy of Sciences in order to produce her own alien-esque vertebrae and skulls. She has also grown crystals out of a lattice, in abstract imitation of what it’s like to grow flesh on a tissue trellis.

Source: http://arstechnica.com/science/2016/05/an-artist-is-growing-a-hand-out-of-human-stem-cells/

3D printers and an ever growing command of the scientific knowledge necessary to grow human body parts will not only revolutionize our society in a diverse set of ways that we don’t currently understand….. that non-understanding, or misunderstanding, presents a perfect opportunity for artists of all stripes to experiment and explore a million and one ideas.

This ^^^ is only the beginning. In the future expect more artists to use 3D printing, more artists to grow body parts, and of course… the one artist who will absolutely make ‘a clone’ to make a point about humanity’s poor understanding of human rights and individuality.

The future is… now?


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