New River Monsters Special Tomorrow

From the heads up seven up department…

Just so you know, there’s a NEW episode of River Monsters on Animal Planet this Thursday night (the 26th, following after an entire day of older River Monsters episodes.).

HOWEVER… Your DVR might not record it! The title is labeled River Monsters: Monster Sized Special and for some reason automatic recordings don’t seem to catch that. And you know I’d hate for anybody to have to sit around and wait for the dang thing to come on again during one of Animal Planet’s River Monsters marathons soooo… I thought you should all know.
River Monsters: Monster Sized Special

It’ll be labeled as

River Monsters: Monster Sized Special
S2 E1 Devil of the Deep
Jeremy Wade discovers a deep sea devil in the waters of Peru.

After that, there’s another episode! This seems to be just a clip show instead of something new… but still.

It comes on right after the monster sized special and will be labeled as

River Monsters: Blood River
Jeremy Wade returns to the Congo river to relive an adventure that almost ended his life when he chased two giant freshwater predators.

Hope that helped ~

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