Image from the Star Trek Beyond movie trailer.

New Trailer For The New Star Trek Movie

From the ‘This Is Terrible’ News Desk…

Below you’ll find the just released trailer for Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek Beyond of course is the latest installment in the Star Trek MOVIE world and has absolutely nothing to do with the Star Trek TV show trailer released earlier this week.

Star Trek Beyond’s plot line centers around your standard space villain (Krall, played by Idris Elba) who uses a big ol’ weapon to damages the Enterprise and maroon the crew on an alien planet. Sooo… pretty standard space action…


More About That Space Action

Now… I feel that Star Trek Beyond is complete crap. In fact, I feel that all of the recent Star Trek movies have been complete crap.
I honestly hate how Star Trek has gone from space adventure to space violence / action. I feel it’s inappropriate and contrary to the general nature of all previous Star Treks.

But… of course with a shift from space adventure to space action you can keep a heck of a lot more people interested in the Star Trek universe overall… so maybe my feelings are misguided. Maybe the recent movies will help keep the Star Trek universe alive and fresh.
Who knows.
I don’t.

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