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Star Trek The Next Next Generation – Predictions

From the ‘I’m just gonna throw some baloney at the wall and see if I can get some predictions to stick’ department…

I’ll have to wait till 2017 to discover if my predictions are right about the new Star Trek TV series… but I can wait.

So here I go with the predictions!

  • We won’t see many characters, races, etc. in the new Star Trek from previous Star Treks because god forbid CBS pay anybody royalties. They’re probably wanting to minimize costs.
  • We will see a young crew. I highly doubt CBS is going to pick an oldie for the next Star Trek captain. My bet is that they’re leaning towards a younger person so as to stay hip with the kiddos. Or at least, to seem more relevant to people’s current taste in actors.
  • Idris Elba as a Star Trek captain would be neato. I’m not saying they’ll do it but I thought you should all know it would be neato.
  • We will NOT be seeing any of the cast from the most recent Star Trek movies as main characters on the show. That would be insanely expensive. My bet is that they’ll make guest appearances OR appear in a couple of episodes in the first season just to get viewers settled in (think how they began Deep Space Nine).
  • We will get the standard villain plot lines. Weapons of mass destruction, space terrorism, etc. Creative villains have always been in short supply in the Star Trek universe.
  • No more grand politics like in Deep Space Nine. A lot of people hated that. I liked it, but yeah… when it comes to TV projects the safer bet wins so no grand political plot lines.
  • A mixture between the space monster of the week plot line that we saw in The Original Series and The Next Generation and a continuing plot line like we saw in Voyager and Deep Space Nine.
  • We may even see multiple crews. I bet they won’t want a space station setup like in Deep Space Nine but I bet that they will want to try something different. Following main characters across multiple ships is one of the easiest implementations of that.


A Note

Nobody currently knows what the plot line for the new Star Trek will look like, who the new crew will be, or even what time frame it’ll take place in. All we know is some very general information like CBS is aiming for new crews and planets and etc.
Nobody knows nothin about anything.

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