List of Mockumentaries from Discovery and Animal Planet

A mockumentary is a fake documentary. All the documentaries below were presented to you as factual, researched, and true. They are all fake.

Submarine isn’t real, Cryptid the swamp monster is fake, Megalodon does not exist anymore, Timothy Darrow is not real and there are not cannibal hobbits in Indonesia, and mermaids are most definitely not real.

Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine

Submarine was a documentary about a giant great white shark that was attacking people. The great white Submarine does not exist. This is a mockumentary made by Discovery for Shark Week.

Read more about Shark of Darkness: Wrath of Submarine here.

Cryptid: The Swamp Beast

A mockumentary, with a fake “swamp Beast” that aired on the History channel. Notice the fictional part in the description.

Cryptid: The Swamp Beast mixes legends with eyewitness accounts and crafts them into an entertaining and scary fictional story that speaks to America’s macabre history of folklore.


Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives

Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives is a fake documentary (mockumentary) that claimed that a boat was attacked by a giant shark (Megalodon) and that the extinct species of shark still lived in the deep-sea. It aired during the 2013 Shark Week on the Discovery channel.


The Cannibal in the Jungle

Cannibal in the Jungle, which premiered Sunday during Monster Week, on Animal Planet. Cannibal in the Jungle is not real.
It is not based on true events or people, but rather a mish-mash of various scientific facts (that are actually featured in various other TV shows and still provide for vehement debate among scientists). There was no cannibal in that Jungle. There are no little hobbit men going to chase you down and eat you. If you’ve read anything from J.R.R. Tolkien, you know the Hobbits are way too peaceful to be doing that.

THE CANNIBAL IN THE JUNGLE follows the story of an American scientist who was convicted of killing and cannibalizing two colleagues in the jungles of Flores, Indonesia in 1977.

Branded “The American Cannibal” by the press during his trial, Dr. Timothy Darrow defended himself by claiming a mythic human-ape creature was responsible for the murders.

Read more about The Cannibal in the Jungle here.


Mermaids: The Body Found

Mermaids: The Body Found aired in 2012 on Animal Planet and later on Discovery…

In 2004, when marine biologist Dr Brian McCormick (Sean C. Michael) stumbled across a recording of mysterious underwater sounds, he launched a scientific investigation to uncover the creature responsible. In search of conclusive proof, he and his research team are called out to an unusual whale stranding in South Africa. Here they find the part digested remains of an animal none of them can identify. As each of its body parts is autopsied, they provide new pieces of the puzzle. As the picture builds, McCormick is drawn to an astonishing conclusion: this new marine creature is related to humans. This two-hour special combines beautiful CGI animation, real natural history, a thrilling contemporary conspiracy theory and a race against time to unveil an ancient secret before it’s too late

Read more about Mermaids: The Body Found here.


Mermaids: The New Evidence

Mermaids: The New Evidence was another mockumentary building on the first mermaid mockumentary Mermaids: The Body Found.


Update 07/09/2015 – Voodoo Shark

Voodoo Shark is a mockumentary (fake documentary) that aired during Shark Week 2013 about the Rooken. The Rooken is a legendary shark that supposedly lives in the Louisiana bayous. It is not real. The filming of this mockumentary was highly deceptive and in essence involved tricking a legitimate marine biologist into appearing in the mockumentary.

Read more about Voodoo Shark here.

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  2. I would like a copy of my audition tape for a Voodoo in New orleans where I ken meaux was chosen for “host” ? Mr. Wilder told me the project was scrubbed.

  3. Lo que debería era de haber más claridad… es cierto que cuando te dicen … lo que te voy a contar es una gran mentira y solo quiero lucro personal y nada más…. deja de ser extraordinario y falto de interés por parte del interlocutor.. pero mantener una mentira es peor y mucho más si es certificada…. Uno cree en esas grandes cadenas de historia y documentales como si fueran la biblia del científico que lleva uno dentro, pero si esa biblia está llena de mentiras no podrá uno argumentar ante la verdad. Es mejor que los medios de comunicación si no pueden decir una verdad que se guarden sus mil mentiras y quedarán mas bonitos… eso igual pasa en el periodismo… SI NO PUEDES DECIR UNA VERDAD, MEJOR CALLA LAS MIL MENTIRAS, PERO ES MAS FACIL HABLAR QUE QUEDARSE CALLADO…

  4. Extremly sad. I pay 130 a month for propaganda for news and fiction in the documentary channels. Not to mention 34 percent of the airtime is a commercial. Thank you corperate America!

    1. I can see what you mean.

      You get screwed by monopolistic telecom companies, then you have to endure through endless commercials, and then you in essence get lied to by a channel that is supposed to be about science and the natural world.

      That is pretty exhausting

  5. I’m tired of all the things I’ve been researching and believing on for years are all lies… hurts a lot. Animal Planet can go fuck themselves

  6. I’m sorry. I’m the type of person that is a what if.
    What if we are not alone? What if there is a grain of truth to it all? What if there are things out there that we can’t see or refuse to see? What if it’s all true, but we’re being told it’s all fake news.
    It’s not like the government has ever lied to us to cover their butts. Or think we the people are to stupid to make up our own minds on what is or isn’t out there. I have an open mind. And yes I have a mind.

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