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Maybe This is Why People Hate ‘The Media’



As I was trying to read a TIME.com article a lovely massive pop-up decided to make an appearance!


Not only did it take up my entire screen, not only did it take me away from the article I was trying to read, but it didn’t even finish loading for minutes.


That really pissed me off.


That’s a serious ‘screw you’ to your readers… forcing an advertisement like that on them.

TIME.com is supposed to be a place about reading isn’t it… and yet they felt it was a good idea to create a situation where you can’t even do that? What kind of business strategy involves you pissing off the people who use your site? I mean really…


Stuff like this is exactly why I’ve limited the number of advertisements on Pink Ink. I have more respect for people than to try to monetize every single second of their existence.


Update (10/29/2016)

You know what this website needs? A massive advertisement that’s displayed before our actual website even is! That way they’re forced to look at it!


Monetize everything, all the time, don’t stop.

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