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Star Trek’s Sexy Androids are Becoming a Reality


Star Trek is becoming more and more like non fiction and less and less like Science Fiction by the day…


In today’s example we have sex bots! No really!

When I arrive at the 5S shop in Changsha, the capital city of China’s south central Hunan province, store owner Mr. Xiao is struggling to prevent a nearly-nude “female” humanoid doll from toppling off a chair. As Xiao finally manages to place the doll in a stable sitting position then cover its rather large, jiggling silicone breasts with a slinky pink shirt, he explains that “her” name, or rather that of her model, is Magic Beauty.

“It is for people who don’t have a wife,” said Xiao, who requested I give him a pseudonym. “You can kiss and have sex with her. Her legs can be parted and you can feel her tender skin.”

Most people in China and beyond still view humanoid sex bots and dolls as an uncanny taboo. The question is, will owning something like Magic Beauty ever become more widely accepted in mainstream culture in China and beyond?

Source: http://motherboard.vice.com/read/chinas-sex-dolls-robots


“Lovely aren’t they…”

– Harry Mudd, Star Trek, Season 2 Episode 8, I, Mudd

In the Star Trek The Original Series episode (TOS) I, Mudd we find the lovably annoying Harry Mudd on a planet chock-full of androids… some of the androids, it is quite clear, are used by Mudd for sexual gratification.


Harry Mudd had some 500 hundred androids built just to serve him and satisfy his desires while he was in essence imprisoned by the androids on their planet. In other words, he had his own companion robot to fulfill his needs… just like the robots you can and will be able to purchase at shops like the one mentioned in Motherboard’s article.


As an aside… I actually think its one of The Original Series’ best episodes… It’s cheesy, fun, and their acting was on point. A nice Star Trek comedy episode can be good now and then you know.

“I’ve had 500 of them made up to attend me!”

– Harry Mudd, Star Trek, Season 2 Episode 8, I, Mudd


Anyways, it’s been almost 50 years (48) since I, Mudd first aired and we are now at the beginning of a ‘Sex Robot’ product cycle! How exciting! Companion bots for all!

And think, soon I, Robot’s demonic little house servants will revolt and kill us all!


But in all seriousness sex robots are and will be a fantastic idea. Quite like pornography, it will give people a positive outlet for their sexual desires… while preventing countless numbers of undesirable scenarios.


I understand that may sound strange to you… the benefits will become more apparent as time goes on.


So do you think sex bots will make it into those news site lists of Star Trek technology that’s made it into real life? It’s not exactly the most PC friendly topic is it…

“Knowledge, sir, should be free to all!”

– Harry Mudd, Star Trek, Season 2 Episode 8, I, Mudd



funny how life works out isn’t it…

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