Monster Week: Killer Swarms

From the ‘this blows’ department…

Killer Swarms

Description: Swarms are growing in size and numbers worldwide thanks to global warming, habitat destruction, and human encroachment.


Killer Swarms follows the standard sensationalist ‘shark bite show’ format that you generally see during any special event like Shark Week or Monster Week. The show is very interested in saying melodramatic crap like “ravenous predators dun dun dun” rather than supplying facts about the various swarms of bees and such that can occur or to support the shows own claims of swarms being caused by global warming…

And that’s the rub… If Killer Swarms had bothered to provide facts about how global warming and habitat destruction are spawning ‘killer swarms’ instead of literally just repeating that “habitat destruction and global warming” are causing swarms because habitat destruction and global warming are causing swarms… Then they might have actually had an interesting show. But they didn’t, so they don’t.

The ‘Swarms’ You’ll See

  • Piranhas
  • Africanized Bees
  • Jellyfish
  • Rodents
  • Black Tip Reef Sharks
  • Rattlesnakes


Honestly, Monster Week is weak as heck this year. 

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