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Mysteries of the Ocean: Razorhead

Who would’ve thought that the fish cutting people up in Florida would be a barracuda…

Of all the fish in the sea, it’s a barracuda. Of all the injuries from Marlin and Sturgeon and Sharks in Florida… it’s a Barracuda we see in River Monsters.

After the action packed previous episode, this episode is a real flop. It’s just so tame and we didn’t even get to see many other fun fish like you normally do when watching River Monsters.

I have to admit the big pack of barracuda Jeremy saw while diving was pretty neat. Mr Wade did not seem too happy to be hand feeding them… that may have just been me though.

But ultimately I bet Animal Planet knew this was a weak episode and that’s why they decided to play it AFTER the action packed episodes of Deep Sea Demon and Death Down Under.

And just a reminder we have the mockumentary, I mean documentary, Life After: Chernobyl coming up on the 26th.

Maybe these few last weeks of April are weak for Animal Planet so they’re just trying to tide people over before Monster Week in May.

Anyways… that’s that.

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