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Nature Documentaries – Bearhood

A kid safe bear documentary from National Geographic Wild channel…..


Bearhood premiered in 2015 on the Nat Geo Wild channel.

Show Description:

Following three young bears of different species through varying landscapes as they find their way in the world…

Bearhood uses some old footage from multiple bear documentaries that have been heavily reframed by the narration to make sense. Example, a young adult sloth bear from a previous sloth bear documentary is passed off as a young cub.

In Bearhood you’ll follow three different kinds of bears…

  • Brown bears
  • Sloth bear of India
  • Polar bear

The documentary is heavily abridged (shortened) to exclude things like bloody hunting  and feeding by the bears. There are only two scenes with actual bears feeding on the flesh of other animals. It’s a fairly bland nature documentary honestly.

I’d say that this documentary is very kid safe excluding the feeding I just mentioned… I’m not sure they’ll like the documentary so much because it is bland, but they won’t end up in tears I don’t think! It’s actually probably a pretty good nature documentary for very young children with the soothing female narrator and blandness.

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      1. It might have been… Alec has done some nature documentaries if I remember right.
        I don’t really remember this documentary honestly… it’s been awhile. But I think it’s actually made up of segments from previous nature documentaries that are then ‘re-framed’ through narration. Maybe they threw in some Alec narration too…

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