Nature Documentaries – River Fox

River Fox is a nature documentary that premiered on Nat Geo Wild channel in 2015.


Show Description:

Traveling along the banks of the guadalaquivir river a lone Fox traverses the carzola mountains as he seeks safer ground.

In this nature documentary you’ll follow a young female fox’s journey. Well kind of, not really.

This young female red fox makes appearances throughout the documentary, BUT the documentary really isn’t about the fox… despite the name. Instead the documentary goes over a whole bunch of different animals that are in the same ecosystem/area (Spain) as the red fox.

Maybe 1/8th of the show is about the fox.

Anyways, I do not think that River Fox is a kid safe documentary for very young children. There’s no way that they’d enjoy the dogs swarming after the Red Deer and Wild Boar OR the feeding scenes. I’m sure older children will be just fine. It’s definitely not that bloody.. We’re not talking polar bear covered in blood here. We’re talking about eagle chicks killing each other, hunting, and some feeding on animals.

Here’s a list of animals that make an appearance in this nature documentary:

Red Deer (rutting)
Golden Eagle
Fallow deer (rutting)
Red Fox
Spanish ibex (rutting)
Iberian lynx
Big ol Owl
*Hounds hunting a red deer and wild boar*
*Griffin vultures feeding on red deer carcass*
Black storks
White storks
Garden door mouse
Snub nosed viper
Trap door spider
Small spotted genet
Ringed plover
Booted eagle
Tree frogs
Dragon fly nymph
Purple heron
Purple swamp hen
The greater flamingos
Asia ringed magpies

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