Nikon’s Z Mount Lens Problem Continued

As I mentioned previously, Nikon’s choice to only introduce a relatively small number of Z mount lenses in the next three years is quite a confusing business move, which makes the Nikon mount adapter extremely important as that is the only way any Z camera body will actually be useful to photographers…

So it was strange when Nikon’s marketing department chose to not emphasize the mount adapter and its capabilities very much when the Z bodies were released.

You would have thought that they’d have a ton of marketing material, compatibility charts, performance examples of existing Nikon lenses on Z bodies using the adapter. They really didn’t have all of that… it was a lackluster performance honestly.

Perhaps Nikon’s marketing department thought that a side “article” which is really only marketing material on DPReview would be enough…

“One question many people have when a new camera system is announced is ‘but will my old lenses work?’ In the case of the Nikon Z system, the answer is ‘yes’ in the vast majority of cases, with no reduction of image quality or performance, according to the company.

With the optional FTZ adapter over 90 AF-S lenses will be fully compatible with the Z 7 and Z 6. They can take advantage of the camera’s in-body image stabilization and, if you’re using a VR-equipped lens, it will have 5-axis stabilization. (Non-VR lenses will now have 3-axis VR.)

Take an in-depth look at the FTZ’s functionality and our initial performance impressions

The adapter supports the silent shooting and focus peaking functions of the Z-series cameras and, like the Z 7 and Z 6, it’s also weather-sealed.

The FTZ adapter will ship at the end of September for $249. When purchased with a Nikon Z 6 or Z 7 through December 31 2018, Nikon will offer a $100 discount.”



You gotta love how DPReview articles are almost pure advertisements.

Nikon Z mount adapter

Anyways, the point is Nikon has done a poor job explaining its camera bodies, mount adapter, and ultimately the future of the Z mount. A handful of advertisements and marketing speak is not enough. Anybody who thinks otherwise needs to have a big think on all of the information that was left out in their announcements.

Through some sort of weird introverted, secrecy focused, business culture Nikon has once again set itself up for failure. The only thing that has saved their butts are their exceptional engineers who make some very useful tools for us.

At some point though, a lack of clarity, a lack of communication will piss Nikon’s customers off to the point that they never come back. It feels like we’re roughly around that point.

Let’s hope Nikon has some extra goodies it has chosen to not share yet because wow is the entire Z mount system looking lackluster.

2 thoughts on “Nikon’s Z Mount Lens Problem Continued”

  1. They haven’t even explained how the z lineup will look in future of if the current z’s are the pro models

    1. Supposedly, the Z6 and Z7 cameras are not “Pro” cameras and a much fancier camera body is planned… even though they said the Z6 and Z7 would be “pro” bodies… Which they are… the point is Nikon doesn’t seem to be capable of being clear about the Z system in ANY SENSE.

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