Pete Souza Continues to Troll Trump

do we have 4 years of pete souza trolling trump through photography ahead of us??? probably…


Pete Souza, using his archive of photographs from the Obama presidency, has been trolling Donald Trump for a while now…

Pete Souza Throws Some Slight Shade at Trump’s Golf Outing

Pete Souza Throws Even More Photography Shade

Pete Souza Doesn’t Troll Trump Today – Reminds World Michelle and Barack Love Each Other


People have really been enjoying Pete Souza’s shade throwing recently… to a surprising extent too… I think people appreciate that his photography is a subtle and good-natured comment on Trump rather than an onslaught of political news from a gazillion different sources.


Anyways, onto Pete Souza’s recent trolling!

Yesterday Donald Trump met with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu…

Pete Souza posted:

Talking with Netanyahu outside the Oval Office a few years ago.

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News of the Trump Administration’s Russian contacts broke, Mike Flynn was fired, and Pete Souza posted this:

Meeting with Putin in 2014.

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So yeah Pete Souza is definitely out here giving us historical photography and giving us all a chance to be introspective… HOW DARE HE.


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