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Pete Souza Throws Some Slight Shade at Trump’s Golf Outing


Pete Souza, Obama’s White House photographer, is throwing some very light shade at Donald Trump on his Instagram…


The Post

So it’s a photo of David Cameron and Obama on a little golfing outing… with the White House’s press pool in tow. Pretty normal and bland post right?

Nopeee… not when you find some context!


The Context


Donald Trump and crew left the White House press pool in a basement while Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe went out to golf on one of Trump’s golf courses… and just to be pathetic and petty they put garbage bags over the windows so the Press Pool couldn’t see out.

See the contrast there? See how Obama and Cameron accepted that they’re subjects of people’s voyeurism because of the positions they hold? See how… even thought they’d probably like some alone time… they didn’t do petty crap like cover windows in black Hefty bags?

You can thank Pete Souza for highlighting that difference today…
And photographers, you also can thank him for highlighting the narrative power of photography.


Pete Souza has apparently taken the internet’s posts about his instagram pictures to heart…

And has released a book of his instagram posts titled “Shade”

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