Stop Trying to Steal Stuff – Picasso’s Included

another opportunity to do the right thing taken…


Frankly, I am always surprised by people who want to steal art. I’m even more surprised by the absurd plans people come up with to steal art… from simply throwing bricks through windows to scaling buildings. It all seems absurd to me. But whatever.

Somebody has once again tried to steal some art! Sad!

The Story

…The Boston University seniors were walking home on Newbury Street after watching Sunday night’s Super Bowl festivities on Boston Common. It was quiet until they reached the Galerie d’Orsay shortly after midnight, when the students noticed a smashed window and heard an alarm going off — then saw a man carrying four paintings.
“We’re looking at each other, and we’re like, ‘I think he just stole those? We should probably do something,’’’ said Mackenzie Thompson, 21, of Shelton, Conn.

Leishman, the alleged thief, dropped the paintings as he attempted to flee, the students said.
The three students sprinted after him, with Thompson reaching the 29-year-old Chelsea man and grabbing him in a bear hug.

As the 6-foot-3-inch Thompson pinned the robber against a mailbox, 21-year-old Chris Saviano and 22-year-old Jesse Doe picked up the museum-quality paintings off the street, waving them in the air to flag down a nearby Boston police cruiser…


These fellas saw the opportunity to do the right thing and they took it… which is something the gallery owner is very thankful for. Doing the right thing is something we should all be grateful for.


People really love trying to steal Picasso’s pieces you know… sometimes I wonder if these thieves simply take any painting with an artist’s name they recognize. “Picasso” is one I’m sure most people have heard… so they see “Picasso” and just grab it off the wall, not really knowing what it is, just assuming it’s uber valuable.

Just a couple of weeks ago, another story of Picasso theft popped up

In the early hours of a May morning almost seven years ago, Vjeran Tomic meticulously cut a glass panel out of a window at the Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville in Paris. He then made it through a padlocked grate, slipped inside the storied museum located in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower and proceeded to steal five paintings by modern masters worth more than €100 million. The police have since apprehended Tomic, but the paintings he took— a Picasso, a Matisse, a Modigliani, a Braque and a Léger—have yet to be recovered.

Read more:


Crime may be at an all time low, but the pettiness is still annoying as heck. Maybe it’s even more annoying because we aren’t desensitized to it… I don’t know.

The point is I’m tired of y’all stealing Picasso’s…

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