The President is Not Responsible for the Economy


Repeat after me…

The President is not responsible for the economy.

The President is not responsible for jobs.

The President is not responsible for the stock market.


“One great gentleman came up and he said, ‘Sir, I want to thank you.’ I said, ‘What did I do for you?’ He said, ‘My 401(k) is up 40 percent.’ And I never thought it! You know, I tell you, he gave me one of the great campaign lines. It’s called ‘How is your 401(k) doing?’”



The President is not a dictator, the President’s actions and orders would have limited effect in any economy let alone the largest this planet has ever seen, and nowhere is “responsible for the economy” in the President’s job description.


This is America.

We, the people, are responsible for these things.

Individual’s actions, our choices, matter. What we do matters. No bureaucrat dropping literal tons of paper on businesses will ever matter more than actual people doing real work.

Our work revolves around meeting real needs for real people. They do not revolve around meeting the President’s arbitrary production targets or economic performance numbers (because that would make us quite like China wouldn’t it…)


Congress and State Governments have real power to improve or destroy economies and in general they don’t do either very often… Change is difficult for humans and even more difficult for groups of humans.


The stock market and businesses in general have been responding to the fact that Congress has a big enough Republican representation that there may very well be change for once. It all has very little to do with the Trump Administration.


It hasn’t exactly worked out, but that doesn’t matter much. The little work Congress has done has been somewhat beneficial for businesses and investors and that’s good enough for now.


The President is not responsible for the economy or the stock market.

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