Pricing for the Canon Advanced Two Lens Kit




Claim: Price Reduced!



Reality: The price was raised by $50 about a month ago… from $849 to $899. The price is still reduced from the ‘normal’ price. Word games are fun aren’t they…



Reality 2.0: Even for $50 more Canon’s Advanced Lens Kit offers some value… I can easily see how this would be the perfect gift for a beginner.
The 50mm f1.4 is a very popular medium quality lens that a beginner would most likely purchase regardless. The lens almost always retails for $349.

The 17 – 40mm f4L is another very popular, quality, lens that sits at the lowest price rung of Canon’s L series lenses… It retails for $749.
If both lenses were purchased on their own you’d spend $1100… In the advanced kit both lenses cost $900. Your real world savings = $200.>That isn’t bad at all.




Update – 17 – 40mm Lens

It seems that the 17 – 40mm f4L lens is listed as “No Longer Available” at B&H… which seems odd. It isn’t listed as out of stock… the lens may very well have been discontinued with current photography equipment shops just selling through the last of the inventory.

Which is sad… it’s a quality, affordable, lens.

Maybe Canon had to ditch a lens to free up manufacturing employees for the upcoming 85mm lens and three tilt shift lenses that are to be announced at the end of August…

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